More than 80% of adult Polish people drink alcohol.
Abstainers are more common in female (25.5%) than male (10.9%) population. Most of alcohol consumers drink alcohol on the lowrisk level of harm but 11.9% adult Polish people abuse alcohol. In this group are people who drink alcohol harmfully (but they are not addicted) and addicted people. The extrapolation scopes of this epidemiological researcgh on the population aged 18-64 gives a number of over 3 million people who can be recognized as mental or behavioral disorders resulting from alcohol consumption. In this group, more than 0.6 million people are addicted to alcohol. Alcohol problems affect men more often (20.4%) than women (3.5%).
Group of persons who drink the most (over 12 l of 100% alcohol annually), constituting 7.3% of all consumers of alcoholic beverages, consumes as much as 46.1% of the total drunk alcohol. Group of people who drink little (up to 1.2 l of 100% alcohol annually), constituting 46.9% of alcohol consumers, drinks only 4.9% of the total drunk alcohol.

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