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The State Agency for the Prevention of Alcohol-Related Problems (PARPA) was established in 1993. It is a specialized government agency subordinated to the Minister of Health. It develops and presents expert opinions on draft laws and action plans in the field of alcohol policy. PARPA operates in accordance with art. 3 of the "Act on upbringing in sobriety and counteracting alcoholism" and has been entrusted with the following tasks:

The National Program for the Prevention and Solving of Alcohol-Related Problems is a document that sets goals and tasks to be implemented by the Agency.

Experts and scientific centers who diagnose health condition, life-style, and consumption of alcohol in the society and these focusing on the modernization of prevention and therapeutic programs closely cooperate with the Agency. The Agency provides support to the staff of addiction treatment institutions, cooperates with state and regional administration and provides specialized knowledge to several institutions and associations that are committed to the implementation of the National Program for the Prevention and Solving of Alcohol-Related Problems.

The Agency conducts activity in the scope of public and professional education aimed at raising the awareness and broadening knowledge of the wide public and professionals alike in the field of prevention and solving of alcohol-related problems. Public awareness campaigns organized by the Agency include "Stop Domestic Violence" in 1997, "Alcohol Steals Freedom" in 1999, "Childhood without Violence" in 2001, "Alcohol - Access Denied to Minors", 1st edition in 2003; 2nd edition in 2004-2005; and "Pregnancy without Alcohol" in 2007.

Polish system of prevention and solving of alcohol-related problems is considered to be one of the best in the world. Still, the Agency works to further develop it and make it even more effective. This is why it remains open to acquiring new partners across Poland and abroad and looks forward to the implementation of efficient and verified methods aimed at the reduction of negative social, health and economic consequences of alcohol use in Poland.


The structural pattern of The Agency:

Director:  Katarzyna Ɓukowska; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Department of Dependence Treatment and Medical Programmes
The Department for Youth and Family
The Department of Local Programmes
The Department of Public Education and Analysis
The Department of Financial Matters
The Legal Department
The Department of Audit and Administration